Thematic Area

The aim of the Journal of Educational Sciences is to offer a national and international debate forum of several practices, principles, theories and paradigms from the vast domain of educational sciences. In time, the journal has distinguished itself especially through articles in the adult education field, based on the research developed within Romanian Institute for Adult Education. The journal strives to address a wide range of topics, but in the same time offers references to alternative informational resources, through literature reviews.Advertisements and promotion for various events in the field can also be found in the journal.

The thematic area covers the following domains:

Adult education
Pedagogy and educational sciences
Education and curriculum
Psychology of Education and development
Special education
Philosophy of education
Didactical logic
Civic education, education for democratic citizenship
Sociology of education
Intercultural education
School, family, community
Management of education
Educational policies
Teachers’ continuing professional development
The teacher and his professional activity
Competence development and their validation
New technologies and their pedagogic use
Open and distance learning
Literature review
Interdisciplinary approaches
Scientific events

These domains can be changed according to the interest and preoccupations of the authors selected for publishing